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Career coaching is NOT therapy!

People can be very competent in their job responsibilities; yet have no confidence in their career path, job search strategy, or interviewing skills.

I partner with you to help you find your next job, a job that fulfills your dreams. Some people feel lost about their careers.  They don't know what they want to do for the next chapter or how to get there.  By working together, we determine what career path gets your juices flowing and then devise a strategy for attaining your ideal job.

Career coaching is a great solution if you:

  • Need to reboot your career yet you're not sure how

  • Feel uncomfortable promoting yourself; are unsure how to accurately describe what you seek in your next job; or don't know how to ask for help from others

  • Don't recognize the "bigness" of your career accomplishments

  • Are an empty nester who wants or needs to return to work but feels out of touch with current hiring procedures

  • Shy away from networking, asking for informational interviews, cold calling, or replying to job listings

  • Have an established career but need to relocate geographically and are unfamiliar with the key players in the new location

  • Seek a career change but don't know what you want to do next

  • Have difficulty staying focused or on task

  • Want to take a new direction in your field but don't know how to tackle such an overwhelming project.
As a career coach, I keep you accountable and committed by providing structure to the big unknown task of setting your career goals, and break it down into bite sized, manageable pieces.  You are then equipped to take concrete steps to move the process forward and reach your goal.

Our regular interaction holds you to the task at hand and keeps you focused. It's not clouded by relying on a family member or friend to steer you in the right direction.  It's a safe environment where you will be supported and coached by a professional who understands the big picture and the small steps necessary for identifying and securing a new job or career.  Your next job will fit with your career goals, professional interests, and lifestyle.  It's a job you will approach with joy.

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