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"Joanne completely re-invented how I present myself professionally. She spent hours with me on the phone from across the country--editing my resume and cover letters, preparing for interviews, coaching me on how to negotiate my professional relationships, and keeping me positively focused despite the painful job search process. Joanne is a caring, knowledgeable, and patient career coach with a true, deep desire to help her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a big career change or simply re-write a resume."
            Gillian M.

"Joanne was instrumental in getting my current job. Through practice interviews, thoughtful conversation, and careful career planning, she helped me to go through my interviews with the confidence I needed to persuade my employer that I was the right person for the job. She even helped me to identify the best position for me when I had two opportunities presented to me. Thanks to Joanne, I'm in the best job I've ever had, working with a great team for a fantastic boss, and enjoying every minute!"

Toby B.

"Joanne has worked with me as both a recruiter and a career coach. She is extremely personable, with a talent for listening and understanding a situation and suggesting insightful solutions. She is an optimistic person who can deliver realistic advice and provide strong encouragement to follow through. I recommend her highly."
Mark C.

"There I sat, a 56 year old woman, frustrated and still trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I had changed careers quite a few times, always with the hope that THIS one was finally going to fulfill me on all levels and be my dream job. Obviously (or at least to the friend that referred me to Joanne Yawitz) I needed some professional help! Joanne helped me to believe in myself. I was able to  discover what I was passionate about, and that, combined with all my experience and skills, gave me the confidence to pursue my dream. I had been creating mosaic art for years, but never imagined that I would be able to translate that passion into a new career. Joanne helped me make this possible."

Jill S.

"I had my interview. I thought it went really well, though who is to say she was not just being polite. But that's beside the point. It helped so much to talk with Joanne to reorient me to the profession, to think about myself vis a vis it.
And particularly helpful was Joanne's question of what was my umbrella goal: aside from "being professional, coming across well and entirely as myself and having fun" -- I added "remaining curious". I think that helped me enormously to remain in the moment and expand the conversation with a kind of lightness and fun. I'm now going to throw my hat in the formal process and see where it goes.... Joanne is a genius!"
Anne S.
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