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Individual Brand Identity

I have an uncanny ability to get to know you, identify your strengths, and then formulate your individual brand identity.  By pinpointing your brand, I will create a job campaign tailored to your unique skill set and background and design a strategy for how to best promote yourself in the job market. 

I have a knack for packaging your skill set in the most favorable light.  My insights adeptly uncover your competencies and passions that you bring to your work.  I will teach you how to get your resume noticed, provide compelling answers in a job interview, and stand out as a memorable candidate. My attention to detail and expertise in dealing with hiring managers will provide you with the skills to tease out the key qualifications for the position you seek, demonstrate how you are a strong match, and move your job search forward.

Knows Recruiting Inside and Out

I understand the emotional roller coaster associated with the job search process. Having worked as a retained executive recruiter since 1985, I know first hand all the steps and nuances required to make a successful hire.  My extensive experience consulting with clients nationally has taught me what employers are looking for in a candidate and how to best convey your fit with their job openings. I instruct my coaching clients in how to get a job offer and negotiate the most favorable compensation package that addresses their specific needs.

Uncover Job Leads

My creative approach to unearth job leads consistently has helped clients secure their dream jobs.  Frequently, my clients receive job offers from informational interviews, spurring contacts to create jobs for them where job openings previously didn't exist!

Focused Networking

I am a connector who uses my in-depth business skill and knowledge to promote you as a candidate.  I am motivated by the challenge of finding the right next job for you, and I tirelessly commit to making the right career and job match for you.  That's the ultimate measure of my success: your satisfaction with your new position.


LYDC also conducts small group workshops. Typically there are four to eight members who attend weekly meetings for eight weeks. Each session covers a specific topic related to the job search/career development process.

Spot Coaching

Career coaching is available to clients on an "unbundled" basis for one or a handful of sessions to address immediate needs, such as:

      prepare for an interview,

  •   update a resume,

  •   write a cover letter, or

  •   address employment questions regarding a particular job or situation.  

 Speaking Engagements

I am available as a guest speaker on a variety of topics related to employment, launching a job search campaign, how to get your resume noticed, and providing tips to professionals in the job market. 

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