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  • Are you working in an unsatisfying job, yet so overwhelmed by pressing demands of day-to-day life that you can't imagine landing a position that expresses your highest aspirations?

  • Has the current economic climate resulted in the loss of your job and you're not sure how to make headway in today's market? 

  • Have your increasing expenses dictated your return to work after an extended absence?

    Whether you are searching for a new position in your current field, embarking on a new career, starting a new business, or returning to the workforce, I will be your dedicated partner throughout, helping you create your goals for the next chapter of your life, and devise a program to stay on track.  I am in your corner—your staunchest supporter for actions that empower you to Live Your Dream.

    The results you will receive include:

    • A resume that gets the attention and response you want from prospective employers

    • A targeted list of potential employers and job opportunities that closely matches your skills

    • Getting your juices flowing for finding your next great job

    • Securing confidence and proficiency in your interviewing skills by learning how to present yourself in the most favorable light, be engaging, and win the job offer your seek

    • Expanding your professional network

    • Tools for assessing the jobs that best fit your career objectives

    • Negotiation skills to receive the most favorable salary and benefits package that meets your individual needs
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