Is your job joyless?   Are you mired in the mundane?  Has your passion paled?  Then it's time to manifest your true intentions and accomplish your life's dream.  Living Your Dream Coaching (LYDC) will partner with you to launch your unique life/career direction.

My target audience is someone seeking a change in his or her career whether it be:

     •   searching for a new position in his/her current field,

     •   seeking a promotion within an existing organization,

     •   transitioning into a new career, or

     •   returning to work. 

I will be your catalyst to re-discover the joyful satisfaction of living a fulfilling career and leading the life of your dreams.

The primary focus of Living Your Dream Coaching is to partner with clients to help them reach their career goals for the next chapter in their work lives.

Tapping into my well honed interviewing skills and coaching training, I will assess where you are today, and map out a strategy for how to reach your immediate goals.  Throughout the coaching process, I uncover the key drivers and passions for each client and tailor a coaching program for reaching those milestones. 

Years of successful coaching has resulted in a career coaching package of eight sessions, with coaching sessions at least twice a month to sustain the necessary momentum and commitment to attaining your career goal.  

It's time to invest in yourself, your career, and your job satisfaction.  It's the most meaningful investment you can make in yourself and for your life. 

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